Brands of Kevlar Jeans You Can Check

Dupont Kevlar is the most trusted name for aramid fiber. The company has well and truly proven itself producing a lightweight high strength fiber, especially for motorcycle riders. It regularly scours the market of sellers using its fiber and ensures sellers, as well as brands, are actually purchasing the genuine Kevlar fiber. The material and other elements of these products can only be purchased through authorized resellers.


There are several types of weaves Kevlar can be constructed in and the most common are woven and terry loop knitted, which all varies in weight and thickness. Kevlar is priced by weight so if you see Kevlar jeans in the low $100 range, that means the weight of the Kevlar won’t be that much. Unfortunately, Kevlar and its price are good indicators to know if the product is not enough to protect you from an accident and other unexpected things.


An independent study found the weave type, gauge or thickness & gsm has a huge impact on the abrasion time. The gsm (grams per square meter) is the weight/thickness of the Kevlar, the higher the number the better it is, too heavy can be quite thick/hot. Anything under 300gsm knitted should be avoided. 400+gsm is the ideal amount. 300gsm = level 1.  2x300gsm or 450gsm = level 2.


Choosing Your Kevlar Jeans


Maple Moto has recognized as the top brand in Kevlar jeans, offering detailed stitching and top of the line of denim pants. Maple hit the nail on the head, getting what the customers wanted, but at $472 there was a lot of wiggle room for lower-priced products. Smaller, chippier and aggressive companies like Tobacco Motorwear Company and TDK have sprung up and are doing precisely that – offering designer Kevlar jeans for a lower sticker price. And they are doing just about everything to let consumers know about it.


Fully-lined Kevlar jeans give the best protection for sliding, but without armor, they’re still worthless against impact. Pants that combine fully-lined Kevlar with pocket armor inserts in the knees and hips are going to be the greatest and most expensive option. These pants are also the most difficult products for manufacturers to design with a casual look. If you’re looking for sex-appeal and maximum protection, prepare to spend well worth of $300.


Echo-K by Ugly Bros is worth $199. The best-selling brand for urban riders at Town Moto, uglyBROS jeans, are a Kevlar weave with an impressive 30 percent Kevlar. These pants won’t offer the best protection for a long-distance slide, but damn do they do look great.