Guide To Organizing And Planning A UK Prom Event

Proms are a significant event in the lives of high schoolers — a sort of coming-of-age that they will remember forever. Planning a UK prom? The keys to organizing a successful prom are careful planning and organizing. There is a lot of work to be done, though with the right team in place you can make all of your prom dreams come true. A guide to planning a UK Prom that will help you throw one epic celebration.


  1. Have a meeting and gather your planning committee – One person does not a prom make. This is a team effort., organizing tools, to recruit volunteers.


  1. Save the date – When choosing the date for prom, consult neighboring schools. You don’t want to limit your choices in venue or entertainment because another school is having prom at the same night.


  1. Choose a perfect theme – It could be under the sea, Paris theme, back to the future or a romantic Parisian theme – ideas are endless. After the committee pins the ideas down to a select few, let students vote on the prom theme so everyone feels involved.


  1. Organize sub-committees – Break out into smaller groups early to verify needs and costs in each area. Sub-committee ideas like Budget, Fundraising, Decorating, Catering Logistics, Entertainment, Tickets, and Invitations.


  1. Plan a budget – It’s not the fun part, but very important! You must set a reasonable budget and stick to it. Your fundraising team will never be able to keep up if you have dreams of elegance beyond your means.


  1.  Plan a theme backgrounds – Popular school dance themes like An Evening in Paris, Starry Night, Tropical Sunset, Oceanside, New York, Disco and Red Carpet. Themed prom backgrounds allow photographers to provide a unique, customized experience for every school.


  1. Hire a photo booth – You can create a special photo booth album for students to cherish forever and reflect back on in the future – it might even spark a reunion! A great idea is to make a yearbook-style photo book and have every student sign their name under their picture. This is a perfect way to celebrate the end of an era.


  1. Venue – Place is the most important factor of planning prom is finding and securing the venue so start as early as possible.


  1. Invite your guests – Whether you budgeted for paper invitations or prefer to save money and invite guests digitally, you can have RSVPs so you can get an idea of how many guests to plan for.


  1. Hire a band or DJ –  Audition your entertainment options and once you find the perfect match, then book it! Don’t let your number one choice get away.