SRC Private Security, Your Fire Protector in Washington

SRC Private Security LLC is a well-known company headquartered in Kirkland, Washington. It provides licensed security officers to protect people and properties in many different places and positions. It’s established back in January of 1997, SRC offers uniformed, plainclothes, armed, unarmed, stationary and mobile officer services.


SRC can provide you various services depending on your need. They will assemble and deliver a professional Security Fire Watch Duties that fits your need and your organization as well. SRC employees will communicate with you and remain accountable for their performance from commencement to end of the service.


The Fire Watch Security Guards and Employees


Providing qualified and trained officers have always been the first priority of SRC Private Security employment. In fact, over 90% of their officers have previous security, law enforcement, or military experience.


SRC employs a thorough pre-employment screening process. After reviewing the submitted on-line employment questionnaire, the applicant is interviewed carefully. If the candidate seems to be a good fit, the company conducts reference checks and verifies the previous employment history of the candidate. Next, the applicant must pass a credit and criminal background check and an illicit drug test. SRC conducts a DMV check for anybody that may be asked to drive a company vehicle.


SRC Security Services


SRC offers a wide variety of safety programs with one main goal and that is to secure places and conduct security services. SRC Private Security is committed to officer safety and in fact, it is the only security guard service on the Evergreen Safety Council (ESC). Using ESC’s resources, in conjunction with the training and experience of our their staff, they strive to ensure the officers are aware of the different safety hazards and concerns at each site.


SRC developed its safety manual in cooperation with the National Federation of Independent Business and the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. The company conducts regular safety audits of all sites and provides officers with appropriate safety supplies including hard hats, protective eyewear, and reflective vests. Aside from that, SRC also continues to instruct their officers through relevant safety training modules.


SRC is committed to providing a solution for your specific security needs. They work with each client to develop a custom Security Post Orders and then deliver the right team to carry it out. They address each job as a team, supporting their field personnel with all the training, tools and backup necessary to carry out the assignment. You can count on SRC to be professional and courteous, to communicate clearly and be ready to respond to incidents according to post orders.