Gonzales & Sons Flooring Review

Gonzales & Sons Flooring is a family-owned company with more than 25 years in the business. They are known to be the most experienced in the field of floor installation.


Having worked in this industry for more than 25 years, Gonzales & Sons Flooring company already acquired the expertise required to handle any flooring, tile, or carpet installation and replacement. In fact, they are known not just a Phoenix company, but they are also known all around the area in Arizona.


The owner of the company is very professional and hands on. in fact, he is also the head of the interior design department/team. The repeat customers of the company, as well as the positive word-of-mouth, have powered their growth through the whole Arizona. And anytime soon, if these good things continue, Gonzales & Sons Flooring will surely be known in Southwestern USA or soon all around America.


Service Offered by Gonzales & Sons Flooring


All flooring installations are guaranteed for two years. In fact, they already created 100s of impressive flooring designs all throughout Phoenix homes and businesses. Amateur mistakes cause imperfections throughout your flooring. Indeed, their more than 25 years in the industry keeps those flaws out of the property.


Hardwood Installation

The last five years have shown a large increase in the demand for wood floors, and Gonzalez & Sons Company is there to meet it. ​


Tile Installation

Tile installation is an odd art form that demands a certain passion. Every individual tile has to fit perfectly into a grand design.


Carpet Installation

When we install carpet, we start with taking measurements and working with you to select the right carpet.


Why Choose Gonzales & Sons Flooring?


The company is built on a strong foundation of loyal repeat customers. They are always focused on their client’s needs while providing the key recommendations to make the flooring installation process or remodeling as easy as possible.


Customer Service

Gonzales & Sons Flooring are customer service oriented because they understand the importance of a good customer-provider relationship.  Their priority is to meet or exceed the expectations of each customer. Good service to them means the possibility of opening more doors for the company and the opportunity to develop a long-lasting relationship with more customers.


Attention to Detail

Like any other flooring companies and works that involves art, attention to detail is very important. It is the heart of their business. That is why the tile designs, hardwood layouts, and seamless carpet installations of Gonzales & Sons Flooring are all second to none! We treat each job and service as the opportunity to demonstrate their (not so hidden) abilities. They also believe that they are done in one job if and only if the customer is happy with the service and the manpower they gave.