All about Dog allergies

Dogs are regarded as a man’s best friend and his favorite pet. But for some people it can cause lots of problems. If someone comes to contact with a dog gets running nose or sneezing or asthma like reactions, then he might be allergic to dogs. Generally the pollens and dust present in the dog’s hair can cause all these symptoms. Then in such a case the problem is not dog but the dust and pollens. So first be very sure of the allergy and then take preventive measures. Generally these allergens attack or trigger the person’s immune system. So the individuals who are allergic to them get the symptoms otherwise they are harmless. Around 10 % of people around the world have pet allergies. They have to be careful once they know that they are allergic to a particular pet.

Dog Allergies


The main cause of the dog allergy is the allergens present in dog’s saliva, urine and dead skin flakes. Whenever dog licks a person who is allergic, he might get the symptoms. The other things like dust and mold are not because of dog directly. So be very careful and the symptoms develop within few minutes in the contact with the dog.

Testing of dog allergy:

It becomes very important to know whether you are allergic to dog or not. For this one can visit a doctor who will suggest skin test or blood test. In skin test, the skin is pricked and then small amount of dog allergen is inserted deep in the skin. Then your skin will be monitored for 15-20 minutes for any rash or redness. This is a common way of testing and is often accurate. Another way is blood test in which doctor test for immunoglobulin E which specifically detects dog allergens.


The only treatment for this is avoiding coming in contact with dogs. There are certain preventive measures that one should take to remain unaffected. Even if someone allergic has dogs then the dogs should be kept in the separate room and they should maintain cleanliness and hygiene of the dogs. Wash hands regularly to avoid allergens. Vacuum clean the house daily and keep it free of allergens. Certain over the counter drugs are also available to control it. These include anti histamines, nasal decongestants and certain steroidal drugs. Another good option is allergy shots. But these are effective for certain people only. So consider one of the most effective methods. But the best thing is to avoid dogs completely.